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  • Can I list on Animals.Film?
    Yes! If you are an Animal Owner (of at least one animal all the way up to hundreds of animals) or a Service Provider (veterinarian, animal insurer, animal lawyer, photgrapher, etc.) you can list on the Animals.Film platform. Note: Content Producers (film, television, commercials, streaming, blog, print, etc.) do not list on the site currently, they simply search and contact Animal Owners and Service Providers.
  • How much does it cost to list on the platform?
    Please check our different packages:
  • I have a plan with you - how do I list my animals?
    Simply go to your My Animals page via this link or My Animals can always be accessed under the icon in the upper right on any page. Once, there, scroll down and click Add!
  • How can I be featured on the platform?
    There are various ways to be featured on Animals.Film. You can pay for featured placement - on the Homepage and throughout the site. You can become a sponsor. You can write and article on our newsletter/blog. Also, all new users that register will be shown in our Recent Listings on the Homepage. Please contact us to find out more:
  • Do you offer custom packages?
    Yes! This can include websites, branding, social media and more. Please contact us:
  • Where are animals/pets needed for productions?
    Anywhere and everywhere! Feature films and television shows shoot their productions worldwide. Plus, streaming and online shows are made in various locations. Also, commercials are often made regionally/locally. Plus, don't forget about blogs, social media posts, print media and more that can need your animals.
  • How does this work for animal owners?
    Simply register (free), add a profile, add content (your animals) and get approved. Please browse this page...
  • How does this work for content producers (film, TV, streaming, commercials, blogs, print, etc.)?
    Simply search, find and contact! Please browse this page...
  • How does this work for service providers (veterinarians, animal insurers, animal lawyers, photgraphers/videographers, etc.)?
    Siply register, create a profile, get featured (optional) and connect! Please browse this page...
  • Can I add videos to my animals' listing?
    Absolutely. We encourage doing this, as it can frame you better when content producers are viewing the listing and the animals.
  • How many animals can I list?
    Animal Owners can list all the way up to hundreds of animals. Feel free to contact us if you have a large amount of animals:
  • How do I find and make changes to my listing(s)?
    In the main menu (and/or via your account), access the My Animals page and use the tools there.
  • Can I give you feedback/make a feature request/report a bug?
    You sure can! Please just use our Contact form and we'll get on it!
  • Can my company advertise on the platform?
    Absolutely. Please contact us via and we will help you out.
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